Chastity – Humiliation POV – Lock Up Your Stupid Little Dummy Stick, I Love How It Fucks With Your Brain

 Humiliation POV  Lock Up Your Stupid Little Dummy Stick I Love How It Fucks With Your Brain preview

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I like it best when you’re all locked up for me. When that stupid little dummy stick is rattling around in it’s cage lol! It always seems that when you’re all locked up, you crave me even more. You wanna jerk it so fucking bad for me. And do you wanna know something else? I like teasing you more when you’re all locked up. I love turning you on and making you horny knowing that you can’t stroke it. I can just tease you mercilessly while you’re helpless to do anything about it.
This is why I chose to keep on my yoga attire today. I know what a sucker you are for girls in workout gear. You can perv on me all you like but you can’t do anything about it. You can’t stroke that little loser stick for me right now. You can just stare and beg me to let you out of your cage. And you can beg all you want, the answer is No. LOL! I want you locked up for a whole week, aching for release. Fantasizing about how hot it would be to jerk off to me. I know you want to binge my clips even more when you’re all locked up, you dream about stroking to them back to back stroking yourself into a frezny. But you can’t. I don’t want any loser cum to be leaked out for me this week.
You’re just going to have to stare at me in all of my hot outfits while I tease you and humiliate you just the way you like it. And you can’t stroke, you’re all locked up. I know you want to stroke it, staring at my ass, but you can’t. You want to stroke it so bad for my ass. But you can’t. Know matter how hard you beg, you’re not getting it. You’re having a dry week. You poor thing. It must really suck to be all locked up and unable to jerk it for me when I’m looking so fucking delicious.
How horny did it make you when you saw the preview of this video of me in my hot yoga pants? I know how horny you were. You knew you were all locked up and wouldn’t be able to stroke it but I was just too hot for you to resist. You had to watch this clip even knowing that your dick was all locked up. You had to tease yourself. You knew I was going to humiliate for you. But that didn’t stop you.
I love denying you loser. It turns me on. I love leaving you horny but unable to do anything about it because you’re a fucking loser. And do you think little losers deserve to get their way or do they deserve to be locked up and denied? You deserve to be all locked up and denied just staring at my perfection. No one else wants to touch your cock and today even you can’t touch your cock, lol! It’s chastity for you slave, all week long. Just teased and denied for a whole week.
You get nothing but rejection all week. It’s all a little loser like you deserves, rejection and denial while you whimper in your cage. I want you to watch this video all week as a reminder of what you deserve.