Corporal Punishment – Cruel City – Mistress Nicole Beats Her Slave in Anger

Cruel City  Mistress Nicole Beats Her Slave in Anger  preview

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Pacing her living room floor, a visibly upset Nicole announces what a lousy mood she`s in. She`s pissed at a few of her business partners and needs to release the rage that`s boiling inside of her. She takes her anger out on her slave, summoning him to her side and immediately slapping him across the face. “I`ve had a very bad day,” she tells him, then punches him so hard in the stomach that he falls his knees. “Get up!” she barks, and he quickly rises to his feet. She delivers another brutal blow to his gut that once again sends him to the floor, and he groans in agony as he attempt to recover from the strike. She continues to use him as her human punching bag, repeatedly pummeling him in between slapping his face. As if that`s not enough, she kicks him when he`s unable to absorb any more blows and falls to the floor beneath her. He manages to get on his feet again and she holds nothing back, hitting him with full force while he cries out in pain. By the time she`s done with him, he`s laying on the floor like a crumpled mess!