Corporal Punishment – Mistress Courtneys Fetish Lair – Whack Goes The Crop

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Sitting sipping sparkling water, I feel bored. Looking at the bar I see a riding crop and a whip. I need a slave! Finally enough as I call for one, one appears. he looks cute and is very eager to please. To take away My boredom.
Slipping My slaves underwear down to his ankles, I inspect his bottom. It is cute and very white. Do you know what happens to Me when I see a white, pale bottom? I want to make it red!
WHACK! I use the riding crop to create a rosey tint to his ass. Testing out the whip on the slaves thin skin, I giggle as he squirms with pain. There is nothing quite like brightening up My day with a bit of CP. It gets Me going, My adrenaline rushes, heart races and even though he cannot take a severe beating, he does his very best to please his Mistress. I cannot ask for any more from My loyal slave.
As a reward I allow My slave to kiss My ass before I send him away so I can carry on My afternoon…