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Posted: November 25, 2021
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My boys are good friends and they have many jokes and giggles …… I discovered they had a nickname for Me, which they use in private. Imagine my joy upon discovering this. But, the situation quickly turned ugly when flash wouldn’t give up his nickname and tell Me who it was. I quickly kick the dick and he drops to his knees. He is now forced to rethink his life choices. If the roles were reversed, would the other boys protect …… He is unable to think and hardly has time to catch his breath as I kick to his ball sack. I pull him up by his hair, and he falls to the ground. This continues until he is a hot mess on the floor. I kick him from behind and keep him there . I even go !!!!!!. A tight black vest, mini skirt, and hot pink sandals match my fun, but sadistic, mood. While I am laughing out loud, while he is valiantly trying his best to protect his friends. We all know that I always get what we want, and at the rate of My kicks, he won’t have any balls left if he doesn’t confess soon !!!!, I’m going to bust you!


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