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Posted: April 6, 2020

Taiwan Trample Club  Goddess stage  preview

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I decided I wanted to do a fun “photoshoot” with some of My girlfriends. But to add a little “fun” to it (for ME, anyway…) I decided to position one of My female slaves under a thin sheet for all of us to stand on while we pose for the camera! Before the shoot, I COMMANDED she to be SILENT- no matter how many girls stood on she at once, no matter what kind of HEELS they were wearing, or where they STEPPED on she with those heels! And she is SUCH a pathetically obedient bitch…lol! �� And to make it even MORE fun for Me, I made sure I didn’t tell the other girls that she was under there! (I told them it was a “mannequin” that we could all stand on to add more “hight” to all of us! HAHAHA!!!! Although I think some of them may have figured out what I was up to by the end…because I guess the pain was so unbearable for the female slave that it did make a little noise towards the end. I am not Satisfied, so got all the slaves in a line, and let her friends walking by wearing high heels, the next stage can be selected in one of these slaves. -Princess Bella


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