Cuckolding – American Mean Girls – Cuck Outfit Tester – Goddess Nina

American Mean Girls  Cuck Outfit Tester   Goddess Nina preview

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I decided to use one of the cuck-slaves at Mean Girl Manor to help me pick out an outfit to wear for my husband later. The idiot cuck is SO happy that it gets let out of chastity! Haha. But it is dismayed to find out that it will have to suffer the humiliation of stroking for its Goddess just so I can decide on the right outfit to wear for my husband. The cuck strokes faster to the outfits it likes. Poor cuckoo…it probably wishes it were a man but its just not. It is WAY too pathetic. It can only help a Goddess like me get dressed for a date with another man. That must be sooo humiliating lol. I even tell it how I am going to store it in the bedroom closet when I am done with it so it can listen to me moaning and screaming as I am getting fucked by my husband later. I’m so mean to cuckys…lol.
At the end, once I have settled on an outfit based on the slaves huge erection, the slave actually has the audacity to ask if it can cum!! I just LAUGH in its face and command it to STOP STROKING and move its hands out of the way- then I rear my foot back and SLAM my pointed toe stiletto shoe right into its groin! HAHA!! Then I laugh at it as I explain that it is NOT allowed to cum and it is going RIGHT BACK INTO CHASTITY before I throw it back into the closet so it can listen to Me getting FUCKED later by a REAL MAN. And it will just have to SUFFER with BLUE BALLS in CHASTITY while it listens! Haha slaves have no choice around here. They only exist to be USED and torturred.