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Posted: September 23, 2022

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You’ve been my ‘boyfriend’ for some time now loser. You’ve suffered humiliation after humiliation and seen yourself broken into a cum guzzling cuckold. I guess you’ve taken some pathetic satisfaction from people thinking I was your ‘actual’ girlfriend and not just a complete bitch to you. Today that all changes faggot, because I’m marrying my bull and you’re walking me down the aisle. Your last job as my boyfriend will be to dress me, you’ll dress the woman you love for her new real man husband.
You’ll slip my beautiful white lace bridal lingerie onto my dream-girl body. Pull the delicate white panties up my long silk-smooth legs and let them settle upon my perfect ass. You’ll fasten my bra for me and see how hard my nipples are at the thought of marrying my Alpha bull. I’ll make you take the silver chain with the key to your cock cage on and put it round my neck. Everyone in the church will know that tiny key between my big tits is the key that locks up your cock. Finally, you’ll pick up my pretty wedding dress and help me into it, carefully zipping it up my back.
I’ll be ready to marry him, cucky – I’ll be ready to marry my real man. In just a moment you will escort me down the aisle and watch as your girlfriend commits her life to another man. The last thing I’ll need from you will be your wedding gift. A nice fat cheque to cover the honeymoon and my next bit of surgery, and oh yes, your new extra secure chastity cage. If you want to continue living with me and my new husband as our cuckold slave, you’re going to have to get used to being locked in chastity permanently.


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