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Posted: June 9, 2021

Domina Planet  Cucky Cum Fart Cleaner Eat It All   Mistress Aleesha preview

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The Infamous Mistress Aleesha has taken on a brand new cleaning slave and has him strapped down in Her dungeon for one of his first trainings. She saunters in and announces to the slave that She just got back from a hot date with a new fuckbuddy and anyone knows that Mistress Aleesha is a big anal enthusiast; that is, She really enjoys anal sex, but even more so humiliating slaves with Her IBS-based farts, sharts and cum farts (not necessarily in that order).
She climbs ontop of the table and straddles the hooded slave’s face, telling him that being a clean up slave involves more than vacuuming the carpets:
“There’s tons of cum up my ass – you know what you’re gonna do with that ass?”
“Let’s get this straight, your pathetic cock doesn’t EVER touch my pussy or asshole because you’re My slave. So you get somebody else’s cum from their cock in your fucking mouth. You know what I’ve been doing lately? I’ve been farting so much-I might have forgotten to mention that I have IBS?”
She starts fingering Her asshole a little, which is dripping with a thick, whitish colored liquid. She orders the slave:
“You’re so lucky slave, this has been marinating in there for a few hours, so it will be nice and tart. Get ready for it slave, open your mouth and take my cum fart. Here it comes!”
She blasts out a wet, nasty fart but has so much cum in Her ass that is becomes a frothy mess that bubbles out of Her ass like a bubble machine. Of course those bubbles are thick and heavy, laden with cum and drip straight into the mouth of the retching and gagging slave, who is to eat the disgusting payload from his owner’s lower intestine and lover’s cock.
She starts whipping the slave’s cock and balls, which seems to motivate him even more, as he pushes his head further into Her big ass and his tongue deeper inside Her jizz-soaked anus.
“Tongue fuck my asshole slave, and I want to hear you swallowing and thanking me for this privilege. But first…”
She blasts another wet, foul smelling fart directly into the face of the slave, sitting down onto his face and smothering him with Her ass. She screeches at him to get busy smelling it and that he doesn’t need any other air but Her anal emissions.
She rises up after some more worship and blasts him with another fart, and another fart. Then a smother, tongue fuck, etc. Rinse and repeat. The slave is so horrified by the mess of sticky and disgustingly stinky yellow-ish cum, steeped in Her “marinade”, but can’t escape Mistress Aleesha’s whip on his balls, so he submits and gratefully swallows the mess, thanking Her for the privilege.
She blasts another long, wet fart directly into his mouth, some more cum seemingly splattering out onto his outstretched tongue. She sits down immediately to trap the smells inside so the slave may savor every last bit of Her flatulence.
She finally ends things with a last gasp, another smaller bubbly cum fart that must have been lodged high up in Her upper colon, finally comes out into the open mouth of the slave who sucks it all up like a hand-dipped vanilla milkshake and thanks his owner for the privilege.
She finally leaves the slave to stew in the marinade a while longer before being taken further into ass degradation by his laughing Mistress.


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