Cum In Chastity – Natashas Bedroom – Chastity Training: Assgasm

Natashas Bedroom  Chastity Training Assgasm preview

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Being locked up in chastity isn’t easy. Sometimes your dick drips and leaks with such intensity that you plead for release. You beg for mercy, for just a few strokes, just one quick orgasm. What’s to be done about a chastity slave who can’t take another second of denial?
I could unlock you and let you jerk away, sure. But I won’t. Normal masturbation is not for you! Instead, you’re going to get a nice chastity milking. It’s time to drain you, my chastity bitch.
Get out a dildo, pull down your pants, and spread your cheeks apart wide. You’re about to be milked into compliance.
You feel that dildo slide into your ass. You stroke through that cage as you angle the dildo back towards your prostate and then fuck away. I’m guiding you through it, teasing you with my body, my words, with my total power over your dick and your ass and your orgasms. This might be the only opportunity I give you for release, so fuck that ass like you mean it.
You get closer and closer…is my chastity bitch ready to explode with a big assgasm for me? You moan, ohh yes! Oh yes, Natasha!
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