Denial – Christina and Noe starring in video ‘You Will Get Use to the Chastity Tube Eventually’

Christina and Noe starring in video You Will Get Use to the Chastity Tube Eventually preview

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Goddess Noe loves the idea Christina gave her about putting her slave in chastity. She knows she will get a lot more money out of her slave with it on. Goddess Noe is cruel to put him in a chastity tube while both girls are wearing Bikini’s. The ball tickling his torture for the slave. Noe takes her perfectly manicured fingernails and tickles his balls. The girls tap on the tube and just have a great time torturing the slave. Then the girls take turns rubbing their bikini bottoms on the slave’s tubed penis. Goddess Noe just keeps telling him he will get use to it. Goddess Noe decides the slave will buy her an anklet for her to wear the key on. Goddess Noe absolutely loves the chastity tube. Little Goddess Noe places the slave on his knees and makes him kiss her beautiful ass. Christina tells Noel about the Red Light Green Light Jerk off game for chastity slaves. Goddess Noe thinks it is going to be so much funny. He better stop when she says red light or he will get more time in the tube.