Denial – Emma Lux starring in video ‘Beg For What You Deserve’

Emma Lux starring in video Beg For What You Deserve preview

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I want you to take out your cock and I want you to beg for what you deserve. Nothing of course! You deserve absolutely nothing. Beg me to deny you, beg me to use you with no pleasure on your end. A beta like you doesn’t deserve pleasure; you don’t deserve what alphas get. You don’t even deserve this video! You don’t deserve this view of my perfect face and body. Your cock is literally useless in this world, I could care less if you ever cum. I don’t care if you stroke, I don’t care if you feel pleasure. Your cock is the last thing on mind (or any other woman’s). Losers like you deserve to be denied over and over. You deserve to live your life in complete denial. Losers like you mean nothing to me. I don’t care about you, I don’t even like you…and that turns you on even more! How fucked up hahaha! Stroke to no pleasure! Go ahead ��
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