Double Domination – Mistress Iside – PULVERIZED BALLS – Mistress Scila

Mistress Iside  PULVERIZED BALLS   Mistress Scila  preview

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Mistress Scila’s personal slave lately is going through the classic phase called “UNCONTROLLED AWAKENING OF MALE INSTINCTS” and this is not good at all, his spontaneous erections while carrying out his daily tasks are certainly not a good sight. Mistress Scila decided to bring him to me for an accurate evaluation of the problem. We have already tried with normal kicks (in some cases this is enough to solve the problem), but there is nothing to be done, these erections continue to present themselves at the least opportune moments. We have only one way at this point, to destroy his balls once and for all by hitting him with tip kicks. It’s well known that these are the most painful but also the most destructive kicks and for this reason they give the best results. Of course to avoid the slave to instinctively close his legs we have first chained him to an iron bar with grounding, in this way we are sure he will not be able to deflect any of our kicks that will inexorably always have to score, only in this way they will produce their maximum destructive power. On the other hand this is exactly what we want and to this end we will certainly put the maximum effort !!!
Ps: This video is particularly , not recommended for people who are easily emotional.