Edge – Cruel Girlfriend – Drool, Dribble, Jerk And Cry Loser

 Cruel Girlfriend  Drool Dribble Jerk And Cry Loser  preview

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You know what my rule is loser? Boys Don’t Cum. That rule is especially for beta reject wimps like you. You can jerk off as much as you like – in fact that’s exactly what I want you to do – but you won’t get to cum. Not today, not ever! I want you drooling over me so bad – dreaming of what it must be like to touch my perfect body. OMG can you even imagine loser? Feeling me pressing against you, letting you touch me – letting you fuck me even. Yeah that would be so good for a loser like you right?
Go on, jerk off to that thought loser – your dream girl, in her hot little outfit teasing you over and over. So gross – are you actually drooling? Eugh! Keep going dreamer – jerk off but don’t cum. I want you right on the edge – desperate to cum and then I want you to remember my rule – Boys Don’t Cum. You don’t get to cum because you are a loser – all you get is edged and edged until you’re drooling and dribbling and begging me to let you cum. Begging with tears in your eyes – knowing you’re only gonna have 2 options. Either stop jerking and put your loser-dick away or continue jerking and edging but never ever cumming.
I hate spoiling the ending for you losers but there’s no third option on the table for you. No act of mercy from your sadistic tormentress – just edged and denied until you’re crying like a little jerk-baby.I know you’re not gonna put it away – you won’t be able to resist skipping back to your favourite part of the clip and jerking again and again. I’m never gonna let you cum loser – but maybe if you’re really lucky my best friend Mila will take pity on you – shall we call her to see if she’d let you cum?..