Electric Play – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Shockingly ruined, over and over

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Shockingly ruined over and over  preview

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Today this slave will have the honor of being My sex toy. As I suppose everyone knows, that means his pain will be My pleasure, and today I will introduce him to a new device: the neon wand. he’s never been tickled or tortured by electricity, so I’m going to see how well he can take right on his cock. he’s bound to a chair, completely vulnerable, and to make sure he doesn’t get too vocal I’m going to seal his mouth with some silver duct tape; I don’t want any surprises with this. A few touches of My hand immediately get My slave aroused even before I remove his chastity cage and, to My satisfaction, he stays hard even while suffering the stinging touches of tens of micro-lightnings. Even better, he seems more and more aroused. After much muffled begging I finally permit an orgasm, ruined of course, which is shockingly followed by electric torture again. Many more rounds of ruined orgasms follow with static shock sessions after each. I have total control over this slave’s tiny cock and I love it. At the end, after being drained in 7 ruined orgasms, you can hear My slave whimper while I send bolts of electric torment right down his open and tender pee hole. This is just how I like to play with My male toys: milked bone dry and left in pain.