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Posted: April 9, 2022

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1.21 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:17:17

Dommes Bella Bathory and Alexandra Sadista have been amusing themselves with slave D., but they just aren’t satisfied yet, so they encase his cock with an electric/chastity/sounding device which is apparently just as painful and sadistic as it sounds. Poor D. moans in pain, which encourages the Mistresses of torment to find more ways to torture him. Bella challenges D. to jerk him off while the pulsating sounds are shoved deep within his cock. While the Mistresses mock his hand work skills, he gives it another go. Alexandra is having fun with the electric current. Bella lights a cigar and puts the ashes in D’s mouth. They swap places while Mistress Bella makes electric sounds and Alexandra lies on her back, so that no one can hear him shout …).


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