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Posted: September 9, 2021
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Empress Jennifer in video Findom Fun with My Horny Loser  preview

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Custom: The clip is going to mix a financial domination and joi game. Please explain in the beginning how you want me to play a game that allows me to jerk off. However, every minute or so (two, three, four, etc.) after it starts, you will start to snap your fingers. I will tribute you with a certain amount. But be aware that the tributes keep getting higher and higher. You could do a clip like this one a-quicky, where you cross your legs a lot like in the thumbnail. This would allow me to worship both grey boots while jerking for them. Since this is your custom, I would love you to be as femdomesque throughout the joi as possible, calling me names such as loser and boot bitch, wallet slave, or whatever else makes you feel comfortable. It is okay to not let the boots dominate your snaps and you can still get up to the camera when necessary. However, if you do take a snap to pay tribute, be as mean as you wish and make it clear, such as snap $100 now slave. You can count me down for an orgasm after which you will need to snap your fingers to DENY the orgasm. If I’m denied, please tell me how grateful I am that you let me jerk off.


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