Extreme Domination – Goddess Natalie starring in video ‘A slaves dream come true – New Year’

Goddess Natalie starring in video A slaves dream come true  New Year preview

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Guess what Princess is in the mood for today? I wanna tease the hell out of my little pet, and I know just the way to do it! I saw the way he was staring at the at the Xmas party tonight, so I invited him to my room! He probably thinks he hit the jackpot, but little does he know that he actually got in more trouble than he even thought he’d experience! I know how badly he’d love to taste my pussy and ass, but a loser like him doesn’t deserve to taste it straight from the source! So, instead of that, I’m gonna tease him by fucking my pussy with my lollipop, getting it all covered in my juices, then have him taste it lol. And I’ll get him to sniff my farty panties while I do the same with the lolly in my ass. I know he’ll love tasting my butt off that candy! But I don’t like being waaay to generous to freaks like him, so I think he deserves a couple of farts in his face, too, just to top things up! I’m sure that’s gonna turn him into a fart fetish addict! haha What a fucking freak!