Face Sitting – Domina Planet – CLEAN MY HOLES – Princess Aryal

Domina Planet  CLEAN MY HOLES   Princess Aryal preview

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Princess Aryal has Her slave securely strapped down, blindfolded and helpless on Her living room ottoman, ready to service Her in any way She sees fit. She’s been so busy between shopping and the gym for the last couple of days and hasn’t had time to shower. She also needs to cum, and so the usually useless slave will actually be of some use to Her. She mounts his body, using him as Her furniture to take off Her sweet little panties. Once they’re off, the Princess wastes no time in planting Her dirty anus directly onto the slave’s toilet mouth, putting Her FULL WEIGHT on the slave’s neck. Great closeups of the slave desperately licking – groaning and straining against his bonds, as he struggles to breath under the Princesses ass. She Coerces his face so deep in Her beautiful ass it looks as if it might disappear, as She tells him to “choke on it!”. She then moves to pussy worship, and this time She puts Her feet on the ground and pushes Herself down even harder, causing the slave to gasp and cry, but to no avail. Finally, She informs him he hasn’t provided enough orgasms today. There will be consequences…in the next clip.