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My personal slave is strapped into a workbench out in the garage- which is where I keep him stored when he is not in use. He is strapped down and handcuffed to the bench so he is immobilized and I can do whatever I want with him. He LOVES being sat on by me, but yet it scares him to deeath at the same time.because he knows that one day I may just not get off until he is “gone”. (If you know what I mean haha.) I even comment to him about the bags of cement that I keep out in the garage. It will be soooo easy to make his body disappear out in the desert if he expires underneath me.and I won’t even miss him. He is easily replaced- and he knows it. I comment that I may even just turn him into fertilizer in the back yard.
Can you imagine?? How degrading is THAT? You dedicate your pathetic life to serving ME hand and foot because you are like SO “obsessed” with how hot I am.and yet you mean SO LITTLE to ME that I sit on you like you are literally furniture until you paass out and dye underneath me- and then I just dump your body in the back yard and use your carcass to feed my plants. LOL fucking hilarious! Slaves are so pathetic that I honestly feel like they deserve it.