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Posted: March 22, 2022

Domina Planet  Dating Mistress Brown   Mistress Ravyn Alexa preview

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Ravyn Alexa, HeadMistress of Ravyn, holds a training session for Her assslave in the dungeon. She places him on a sex chair with his face under it, so that he has full access to Her 40-inch-long anus and ass. To allow him to be graded and punished for any shortcomings in his ass-kissing service, the slave is equipped with a mobile cam. She tells the slave she doesn’t believe he’s taken his slavery to Her perfectly good enough. She informs him that he will now be treating her as his Mistress. Her name is Mistress Brown. He is surprised when she tells him that he will not be so quick. “Mistress Brown, a virgin and shy, is very shy. You will need to court Miss Brown like a lover. Give Her flowers, compliment her, tell her how wonderful she smells. You will then start to kiss Her tenderly with your lips, rubbing her nose. Give her some tongue…Good as a bitch!” He is forced to start french-smiling Her gorgeous, slender stomach. He tells her how beautiful She is tonight, and then he begins to shower Her with tender kisses. As Miss Ravyn becomes more comfortable with the situation, she starts to bounce up and down and on the assailant’s face more. His tongue doesn’t extend far enough, so she flings her cock and balls at him, making him scream in pain, and then he gets a mouthful o’ ass, slamming into him and cutting off his oxygen. She spreads Her big, open cheeks to allow the most thorough penetration of his pointed tongue in Her rectum. She yells repeatedly at him to keep his tongue tight and clean. She puts Her big, fat tummy down and smothers him to end the clip. Check out The Other Title in The Series: Dating Mistress Brown II, HD 4K MP4


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