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Posted: September 10, 2022

Domina Planet  Smothered Into Sissyhood preview

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Queen Irene has been helping out Her parents by doing some housekeeping at their boutique hotel while She’s been on summer break. She’s donned a sexy, black and white maid outfit and spike heels when a customer starts harassing Her and trying to grab Her. She politely refuses, and when he leaves for a moment She slips a mickey in his drink.
When he comes to, She has him in pink sissy lingerie, a latex bondage hood, a pink collar with rhinestones, and pink leg and wrist cuffs, the wrists attached to a red spreader bar. She is sitting on his chest and has changed out of the maid’s outfit into a black, PVC halter top, skirt and perhaps the same black, stiletto, 5-inch spike heels. He starts sputtering, asking what’s going on and finally recognizes Her:
“The maid? What the fuck? What are you doing to me?”
“You thought I was some dumb immigrant maid, huh? My parents own this hotel, and I’m just helping out. I’m gonna make you my sissy bitch. You’re gonna find out what it feels like to be a vulnerable, submissive, and extremely feminine prissy, sissy girl.”
“What the fuck? You’re not gonna do fucking thing to me bitch, I’m gonna get even with you!”
She sits on his face, completely smothering him and sealing his airways. He starts making muffled screaming sounds, bucking wildly and trying to get free, but with his arms in the spreader bars and Her full weight on his face and arms, She easily keeps him pinned, pushing his arms back painfully as he struggles:
“There’s nothing you can do bitch, you’d better understand who has the power right now and who doesn’t. You’re going to be a girl. You’re going to talk, walk and suck cock just like a real girl does. Now repeat after Me, ‘I am not a man, I am a prissy, sissy girl’”
“Fuck that! I’m not saying that BS! I’m a man!”
She sits back down on his face and starts smothering him again, but this time She starts whipping his thighs with a long, wicked, black and white riding crop, leaving painful, bright-red welts while She giggles at his muffled screams coming from under Her. She rises up again, leaving him coughing and gasping for air whlie She grabs some clothes pins. She sits back down on his face as he screeches in protest, and puts a little pink bonnet on his cock. Then She starts decorating it painfully with clothespin after clothespin. She lets off of hi again and asks him:
“Now, tell me who’s not a man? Who’s my pretty sissy girl?”
“I am not a man Queen Irene, I’m You pretty sissy girl”
“That’s right, whore”
She says as She sits back down on the sissy’s face. She keeps adding more clothespins, smothering the bitch for longer and longer times, and finally seems satisfied that She’s broken the slave’s will, at least for now.
She climbs off the slave and removes the clothespins from the slave’s cock, which hurts even more. Laughing at the sissy’s pain, She strolls out, warning the bitch that this is only the beginning.


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