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Posted: October 20, 2021
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Evolved Fights  Andre Shakti vs Ruckus preview

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HOLY FUCK! that’s all we need to say. How does Ruckus get all his opponents to come at him so hard and with so much intensity. The Ladies just love this guy and he brings the best out of every one he’s fought. This match is one of the most intense matches to date and it has a surprise ending. Andre Shakti makes her debut on Evolved Fights. She has wrestled for many years and is well known in the fetish wrestling world and today you all get to see her in all her glory. She is an instant star from the moment she steps on the mats. She taps out Ruckus multiple times. Ruckus’ spirit is destroyed by the power and skill of Andre. The winner is called after 3 rounds of wrestling. The winner takes sweet sweet romantic, sensual vengeance on their opponent. This Fight ends with a Creampie
Facesitting, Femdom, Humiliation, wrestling


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