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Posted: June 2, 2022

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Getting me absolutely nothing for valentines day.. As a big FUCK YOU revenge.. I’ve had it in mind to reallly push his limits and see how long and how continuously I could smother the life out of my boyfriend. To put him through complete HELL. He’s going to be under me. Suffering. Smelling.. Struggling. For hours.. After a long session @ the gym (cardio & squats) wearing my favorite scrunch butt spandex doing nothing but plotting ways to make his life miserable.. I arrive @home to find him half resting downstairs.. hes already where I want him.. the lazy fuck. I Strap his ankles together & wrap my bitch from the shoulders down, reversing the wrap around his arms so they’re held tightly at his sides, I don’t want him to be able to be able to be able to reach himself later.. and without even saying a word I plant my ass right on his face and slide his nose right into my sweaty crack. Wasting no time at all to let him feel the after effects of my protein shakes.. a hot blast of air shoots straight up his nose and I can’t help but to laugh at his misery.. I can’t even imagine how awful it is to have one of my protein farts shot straight up someones nose.. but fuck him and his no gift buying. I smother the HELL out of him in my ripe spandex that hasn’t seen a wash for the last few sessions only giving him short breaths inbetween. The breaths get shorter and shorter and the smothers just get longer… The only breaks he gets are when I have a little gas built up to push down his lungs. Eventually taking off my pants.. down to panties.. and eventually bare assed right onto his face making an AIR TIGHT seal where NO AIR gets through. The smothering becomes so intense at times I think hes going to pass out!! I chase his face with my ass making sure doesn’t get to sneak ANY extra breaths in. He doesn’t deserve them. I test out different positions, switching from front to back quickly.. keeping him out of breath.. going from rear to front and spreading my pussy apart over his nose sinking it all the way in with my clit right on top of it, staring him directly in the eyes each time coldly.. watching him suffer and turn almost purple. Thats you get you asshole. Forget about me on valentines day, and I forget about you needing to breathe. You can suffer in my pussy.. He can hardly take another smother his face is unbelievably red.. so now its time to get denied just like I did. I pull his dick out.. and ride it.. up and down.. moaning.. he ACTUALLY asks me if he can CUM!! .. No!.. I keep riding until I feel his dick start to pulse and immediately jump off cancelling any orgasm he was about to have and hop right back on his face with his nose crammed as far inside my asshole as it could possibly go to smother him once again with his dick left THROBBING and denied.. He struggles with his hands to finish the job.. trying depserately to reach himself but he CANT!! I laugh deviously at his weak little attempts to finish. Nope. How does it feel? Teased, ignored and suffering. Sucks down it?! Yeah, so does this. With no warning I quickly turn around stuffing his nose right back up my pussy and give him the longest smothering he’s ever had. With TINY little breaths inbetween, he shakes around and moans torturously, trying to get me off of his face but I’m not moving.. Mmm…. Ignored.


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