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Posted: April 27, 2021

Domina Planet 2021 Ravyn Alexa Passing My Smell Test  Ass Smelling preview

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Miss Ravyn Alexa has Her ass slave in the dungeon, chained with his hands above his head, blindfolded and awaiting his next session of ass training. He is expecting another session of ass worship, ass smothering, deep anal licking and tongue fucking, kissing, etc. However, She has decided to surprise the slave by amping up his training, due to an upset stomach from a fast-food meal that has given Her a case of painful gas. The slave has no idea as Miss Ravyn enters the dungeon wearing just a thong-backed one-piece min-kini and 5 inch black stiletto spike heels. She walks in slowly and squats down in front of the sightless slave:
“Well slave, I had a lunch that gave me bad gas, and so I’ve decided we will step up your ass training today. You need to get more intimately familiar with the inside of my ass-things that most people would consider disgusting. But you’ll be smelling so much of mine, you’ll get used to it quickly, I’m sure”
The slave starts protesting:
“But Mistress, Your FARTS? Why are You doing this to me?”
“Toilet slaves always start with this type of training, pig”
The slave starts whining and crying in horror at the news, but Ravyn just laughs and grabs the back of the slave’s head, pulling his face and nose close to Her naked ass with one hand and opens Her big 40-inch ass open with the other one.
“Don’t you dare move your head away, slave. You’re gonna love it!”
Her dark anus is revealed in all its puckered glory when She suddenly erupts with a sharp, loud, wet-sounding fart. He groans in gags in disgust, coughing and choking at the disgusting stench. But She won’t allow him to try and avoid breathing in the noxious cloud, pulling his head into Her big ass completely, so that it disappears in the crack. She rubs his face back and forth:
“I want to hear deep breathing, motherfucker! Suck it up, swallow it all. You’re gonna appreciate my ass whether you want to or not! Get your nose deep in there and smell it all, I don’t want to get a whiff of ANYTHING”
She rips a much bigger, long, loud wet fart into his face this time and he starts gagging and retching, trying not to puke, but She just laughs and tells him:
“I feel another treat coming for you piggy. But this time you will stick the tips of your tongue inside my dirty asshole. I want you to SMELL AND TASTE this next one, because I can already tell you it’s gonna be a wet one”
He reluctantly sticks the tip of his tongue into Her brown startfish, holding it there a few seconds, perhaps thinking that it was just a threat, when She lets rip with the longest, loudest, wettest series of farts directly onto his tongue and in his face. He screeches in disgust and humilaiton, gagging and coughing trying to avoid being sick, but Ravyn of course has no mercy, just pulling his head even harder:
“Ohhhh, that was a messy one. So glad I have an ass slave that lives for my ass juice! Lick and suck that up, slave, NOW”
He does, whining quietly while he does so, but She blasts him with another long one, but this time he is already saturated in the smell and taste, but She holds his head in place making him inhale “every molecule” of air that has already passed through Her bowels.
Finally, Ravyn tells the slave that She is done….for the time being:
“I have to take a sh** slave, and when I come back there will be new taste treats for you. Lucky fucking pig”
…and walks out of the dungeon.


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