Farting – Pastel Goddess – Full Toilet Used as Gaming Seat

 Pastel Goddess  Full Toilet Used as Gaming Seat  preview

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Kitten is stuffed full of food from my ass. He complains that he feels sick, but I don’t care at all. I throw him onto the mattress and drop my big ass right onto his tummy. All the heavy sludge I fed him is swirling around inside, making him feel nauseous. I’m just trying to enjoy myself and play some games though, so I tell him he isn’t allowed to speak, and give him a fart to breathe. The flavors in his throat trigger his gag reflexes and he cries. I make him lick my ass anyway. It’s still dirty because he didn’t do a very good job cleaning it.
Eventually, I am satisfied, so I let him taste my pussy. I grind my pussy into his face and bounce my ass all over it. I’m aiming to leave bruises on him. After awhile, I have to fart again. My stomach feels a little bit like I might have another meal ready to feed him, so I make him go back into the toilet to receive it.
Contains toilet talk, toilet slavery, ass cleaning, farting, ass licking, ass worship, bbw facesitting, pee, chastity teasing, orgasm denial, verbal humiliation, video games