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Bella Ink Productions  My New Foot Bitch Bella preview

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Bella has been receiving foot slave training with a Dom she goes by the name of Jolene Hexx! Today Bella arrived early and was waiting for her to come back until she got bored and thought she was allowed to do it her self. So she starts with slipping off her sandals and putting her feet in his face making him worship those size 9 feet. When they all of a sudden hear yelling coming down the hall way It’s Jolene and she is pissed and immediately scolds her slave and puts him in the corner before starting on Bella Ink. She ask why did you think you could use my slave to worship my feet you fake ass Dom Bitch! Get down there and worship my feet and apologize you little feet bitch! Lick my fucking foot bitch, stop crying and suck those toes but Bella hesitates to do so. Pissing off Jolene even more she taunts her saying how horrible she is at this, how weak she is, totally annihilating any confidence she did have to zero. Your not a Dom your a foot Bitch you love sucking on my feet you dumb little wanna be Dom. I’m going to have you worship my feet till I say stop and I am going to degrade you every chance I get so buckle in Because Jolene is going to abuse the Hell out of Bella shoving her foot and maybe 2 feet in at the same time. We all know how vicious Jolene is so watch as Bella endures the foot worshipping punishment of a lifetime!