Feet slave – Princess Jasper – Sensual and Savage Face-Fuck

Princess Jasper  Sensual and Savage FaceFuck preview

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In a plaid school-girl skirt and a shiny black top, Jasper is dressed to break necks. A feat nearly accomplished here when she applies a standing foot choke on vomit-spewing foot bitch, Trick. As per usual, he finds himself at the mercy of a gorgeous girl’s feet. His mouth is open for her pedicured toes and she shoves them in. She leans forward and her toes push past his uvula. Jasper sits pretty, Trick as her throne. She commands him to open his mouth, so that she can again, fill it. Using her weight to her advantage Jasper fucks Trick’s face with her perfect little feet. “Come on; that’s it.” She encourages him as she picks up the pace. She moans and giggles, “Can you take any more?” Her toes force his mouth ajar & glide to the back of his throat. Her thrown gags from under her, drool drips from his face. She thrusts her toes deeper and he spits up a puddle on the floor.
Jasper flips, her knees now on Trick’s chest. This time, all ten toes at once. His eyes roll back into his head as he retches. The sexy brat girl wants more and pushes deeper still. So deep that Trick’s lips are only a few inches from her heel. She stands, towering over him. Her calf flexes while she plunges his face-hole. “More please?” Trick pleads, hoping to get a few gentle licks in, but Jasper is done with him.