Female Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Nikki Brooks – Christmas is for Brats (2 Ballbusting slaves for Princess)

Brat Princess 2  Nikki Brooks  Christmas is for Brats 2 Ballbusting slaves for Princess  preview

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Nikki is so excited! Santa brought her two ballbusting slaves this year! Now Nikki has to losers to kick and abuse! Gleefully, Nikki gets right into snacking both losers directly in the testicles while singing. Good thing Nikki got two slaves this Christmas because she has enough violence and rage in her to completely destroy them both. One slave is not quite as good at taking a beating as the other. This makes Nikki even angrier. She tramples the weaker slave while kicking the stronger one in the testicles over and over again. The weaker slave is terrified watching the stronger one as it gets destroyed first. The slaves each drop, one by one. As they fall, Nikki tramples them into the ground. The abuse does not stop when they are down. Beneath her boots, the beating continues. Nikki asks the slaves, “what’s best on Christmas morning?” The correct answer is: scrambled eggs and chopped up sausage. Nikki serves a nice big helping of scrambling and chopping to each slave’s anatomical “eggs” and “sausages.”