Female Domination – DomNation, Stella Liberty, YOU MUST START FROM THE BOTTOM UP

DomNation Stella Liberty YOU MUST START FROM THE BOTTOM UP preview

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Miss Liberty is head of Human Resources and she is interviewing a long list of applicants for an in house promotion. This particular candidate’s qualifications are acceptable, however Miss Liberty is looking to fill the position with a non traditional thinker. Miss Liberty herself has numerous unorthodox business practices, so she must hire someone that will be open minded and adaptable.
When he declares himself extremely adaptable, she asks him to pet her leather boots and tell her how that makes him feel. Next she instructs him to stick out his tongue so she can insert the heel of her boot into his mouth. Demonstrating his ability to adapt to “unusual” situations and circumstances, Miss Liberty sees promise in this candidate.
So she orders him to lie down on the floor, where she proceeds to straddle him, and spit repeatedly in his mouth. She explains that he must be able to overcome adversity and humiliation, because it is a highly competitive business environment and cruel coworkers will do anything to take your job. Now all of this may be true, but we think Stella Liberty has an evil plan for this particular job candidate.