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As the CEO of MAYACORP, I often work from a home office on the weekends, it is during these periods that I like to call on new employees that are on a probation period prior to full employment and are hoping for me to give them a full time job. I like it when men are in this desperate position, I enjoy holding power over them.
Full time male employees are kept in chastity during their working hours and those that don’t have wives or girlfriends are kept in permanent chastity, while working for my company; I encourage all of the female employees to tease them and sexually harass them while they work, I will always take the side of a female in any dispute, but to this date no pathetic male has ever dared complain.
I usually start these pathetic males early, just as they are about to move from temporary employment to full time employment, I’ll invite them over to my home office and film them in compromising situations, an insurance policy if you will that keeps them quiet and obedient during the misery that I will inflict upon them during their entire career here, nobody escapes my clutches once I dig my claws in, this is a job for life.
During the filming of these pathetic creatures, you will see me break them down, starting the process of grinding their self respect into the ground, making them understand that if they want to keep their jobs, then complete loyalty and obedience is the only option they have, by the time they realise that they are trapped and I am taking part of their wage check every month and using them for both mine and the other females twisted sexual gratification it is too late, I own them and they will do all the disgusting things I command of them.
I get off on all of the fear and misery that I see in their faces every time I call them into my office, over this series of clips you will understand why they are grovelling in a helpless pile at my feet.
I start the process all over again, I order him to put his clothes back on and we restart the interview as if nothing ha happened. I love doing this, it puts the fear of god into them and confuses their tiny little minds. They will start to question their own sanity at this point and descend into a nervous wreck, now is the moment when I introduce their tongue to the soles of my shoes and start training them to obey my every command, breaking down their resistance as you will witness over this series of blackmail videos that I make of new employees.
During the first part of this video the helpless fool begins the process of acquainting its tongue with the soles of my shoes, in the second part he begins to learn just how eagerly he will need to lick them and clean them, to please his boss and survive in his new existence.
I know that you are thinking that you would love to work for a cruel, hot boss like me, and in a way you are, you are buying the compromising videos that I release of these pathetic creatures, you will pleasure yourself watching them at first and then you will apply for a temporary position in my company. Before long it will be you in the video, at the beginning of this humiliating process and your misery will be filmed and sold to other unsuspecting men, who will do exactly the same as you are about to.
You will kneel while you watch this video, and by the end of this series you will be begging to be the next victim, you are a desperate, pathetic worm, we both know this and it is your weakness that will lead you ultimately to my expensive heels, where you will bow your head and beg me to use you…just like all of the others.
Now you know what to do, get to it!
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