Female Domination – Sado Ladies – Clamp Game – Lady Iveta

Sado Ladies  Clamp Game   Lady Iveta  preview

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Time for the next brandnew clip with Lady Iveta. This time its up to play a game. Of course a game of pleasure and (more) pain as every female sadist wants to play. The slave is already fixed on an andreas cross so his body is fully exposed to his lady.
Out come some classic wooden clamps and the lady attaches the clamps all on the body of the slave, even on his thong. Looking nicely decorated now she thinks. But the better part comes when she takes out a crop with a slapper at the end and starts to whip the clamps off. Well, a few things has to be said: 1.) The slave do not like clamps. 2.) Clamps may look not too painful at first sight but whoever made the experience with clamps will surely aggree that the pain can be nearly incredible when the clamps are tightly attached and beeing cropped off. The pain is raising on and on and on and on and that damn clamp do not get off. Wonderful classic femdom clip!