Female Domination – The English Mansion – Trophy Wife’s Surprise – Part 1 – Miss Foxx

The English Mansion  Trophy Wifes Surprise  Part 1   Miss Foxx preview

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The beautiful Miss Foxx has been married to her husband for a few months, after a whirlwind romance, where there has been no time for the more intimate consummation. Her husband has been away on business and has not seen the work she has been supervising in their new home, just receiving the huge bills for works completed. He has returned today and she is keen to show him what she has been upto, blindfolding him and taking him into one of the new rooms, his shocked face when she removes it and and he sees a big, fully equipped dungeon. She wastes no time in talking about the direction she sees the marriage going and that she is now in control of everything and that they are never going to consummate their marriage in the traditional way. As she is so out of his league, she soon breaks him down with the help of her threats and a hard whipping, this is a marriage that may last for a long time.