Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Caning Chore Chart- Episode 3: Princess Bella – Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS  Caning Chore Chart Episode 3 Princess Bella   Superior Goddess Brooke and Princess Bella preview

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To get this clip for less money click here Caning Chore Chart- Episode 3: Princess Bella (1080 HD)UGH. Well it’s my turn (Princess Bella) to beat the slave. Each week we have a Mean Girl beat the house slave to build up its pain tolerance and keep it in complete fear of us so it ALWAYS obeys orders- no matter what. And yes, even though I am running sht around here now, even I have to do my chores! And this slave really needs a lot of discipline to keep him in line. He needs to be constantly reminded that each of us individually can beat his ass anytime time we fucking feel like it. He needs to know that he is NOTHING and that ANY Mean Girl at any given time can take complete ownership of him. So Superior Goddess Brooke was hanging out with me as I dole out his punishment- and remind him what a “nothing” he is in life while I hit him with the house cane over, and over, and over again… Oh, and I TOTALLY let him have it too! I am like seriously hitting him with everything I’ve got. (I found out later that I guess you don’t really have to hit very hard to make these cane things hurt like hell? Oh well, I don’t really give a sht. It’s just a SLAVE and I OWN it, so…whatev. We keep this loser literally chained to the caning bench like for weeks at a time sometimes. We don’t give a fuck. And it just gets beaten over and over and over… That must be really painful, huh? LOL. The best part for me was when Brooke put a PIG-SNOUT on the fat loser’s FACE and made it snort like a PIGGG for us as I was cracking it on the ass with the cane!! HAHAHA!!!! And watching Brooke laugh in its face as it was like squirming around in agony and OINKING for us as I beat it…OMG it was fucking HILARIOUS! Such fun entertainment!! It was lucky to even be beaten by us though. Cuz me and Brooke were talking about it afterward and we are so fucking hot, these losers could never be around us any other way- and they fucking know it too. They are LUCKY just to suffer for our fucking entertainment!