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Posted: June 22, 2022

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“Ok, so I have had losers hitting on me my whole life because let’s face it- I’m fucking hot. And yes, I have always KNOWN it! But usually I have just laughed in the face of these idiots that hit on me, turned my nose up, and walked away.
But now I am reconsidering that approach. I have learned from the other “Mean Girls” here that maybe some of these idiots actually could be useful to me? So I am actually considering giving those that are obviously beneath me a “chance” to at least be in my life in SOME way- even if it is just as my “bitch”, basically. Do YOU want to be my BITCH?
Well before you even think about it, just know that I have been taught by the other Mean Girls what the “deal” is with you losers. That most of you are full of sh*tt and will waste my time. So guess what? I have some very strict rules if you want to serve me- either online or in real life.
Watch this clip if you want to find out exactly how to meet me. Oh, and also to see how perfect my feet are too haha.”
***(Clip includes MY direct email address!!!)***
“Better than silver, better than gold…I am Goddess PLATINUM!”
P.S. If you want to see Goddess Platinum in action buy this clip: Mean Girl AirBnB Tour (1080 HD)


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