Female Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS- P O V – Putting Gay On Your Brain – Mistress Carmella

THE MEAN GIRLS P O V  Putting Gay On Your Brain   Mistress Carmella  preview

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So you want my approval? You want me to be pleased with you? Well I’ll probably never respect you but you can win my approval if you prove yourself to me. I want to see how far you’ll go to impress me. How far can I push you out of your comfort zone. The thought of getting fucked by another man might seem gross to you now, but with a little conversion therapy I can flip a few switches in that homophobic brain. You have to do this if you want any attention from me moving forward so don’t fight it. I’ve been training many useless men to be fags so they can finally live happy lives. You are never going to get pussy anyway so thank me for giving you a social life faggot. I’ll tease you at first, but coerce you to watch gay porn while you jerkoff. All those giant cocks will be so distracting that you won’t be able to focus on me. Something else is on your mind now… excitement begins to build as you watch cock after cock get stroked and sucked. Soon you’ll be cumming at the sight of those hard dicks oozing cum just like yours. Another successful conversion from my gay conditioning!