Female Domination – ‘Trampling Our New Human Coffee Table with Nikki Whiplash’ of ‘Lady Bellatrix – Queen of Mean’ studio

Trampling Our New Human Coffee Table with Nikki Whiplash of Lady Bellatrix  Queen of Mean studio preview

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After a long day of tormenting slaves at Whiplash Towers, two very weary Mistresses decide to unwind. Mistress Nikki Whiplash and I have had so much fun together and now it’s time to decompress. Putting our high heeled feet up on her new coffee table, I notice that it has a rather unusual design. She assures Me that it is for stress relief and lets Me know the different ways you can use it. Digging the heels of our shoes into the cock of the slave lying beneath is certainly amusing but moreso when I begin to put the full weight of My shoe on it’s pathetic dick. Mistress Nikki begins trampling on the cock and balls with her high heels and she encourages Me to get up on the coffee table so we can both take turns flattening the balls of the slave underneath. With both of us hovering above this pathetic cretin, I decide to go for the balls while she focuses on the cock making this a wonderful tag team effort! Having just taken off our high heels, we now continue stomping and crushing the cock and balls of the lowly slave. When Nikki told Me she got a new coffee table from one of those fancy Swedish places, neither of us can figure out why it is making so much noise. In My fishnets, I flatten out the dick while she works on the balls in her pretty black stockings. Maybe it is our curiosity, or maybe it is our cruelty that makes us prolong the cock and ball of our new found amusement.