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Posted: March 22, 2022

Domina Planet 2021 Queen Angelina online Human Buttplug VII preview

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Queen Angelina holds a session for Her newly acquired slave. He is securely chained to his back on a table and awaits Her entrance. She walks in with a flogger and only a small pair of purple bikini panties. She says to the slave: “For your next task you’re going worship my perfect ans, slave. I would like to feel your tongue cleaning and swabbing my rectal cavity. You don’t have to dive into the deepest part of the pool. Get her into a good mood by kissing, nuzzling, and blowing on Her. She climbs onto him and straddles his back, Her generous ass in His face. She glares at him with her cock and ball for emphasis. He wails in pain and then he hears the message and begins to frantically start kissing Her purple-colored, round ass. She quickly tire of it and takes the. She strays her panties to reveal Her brown starfish. She instructs him to gently kiss it over and over. Then, she orders him to: “I would like to feel your tongue gently touch my anus. “Get Her to be like a flower and open up to you.” He does it, then she gives him the order: Tongue fuck ass slave. You’re going to be my human buttplug if you let your useless slave tongue leave my mouth. Even after being used often, it can be so soothing. He begins to bite her tongue, pleading it into and out of the hole. She moans and begins rocking backwards on his face. It disappears briefly for a moment. He gasps as she rocked back on his face. But he isn’t getting deep enough. She likes: “IN AND OUT SLAVE, SLAVE, IN & OUT! Do not allow your tongue to stick out. Then, she rocks back onto her husband’s head and sits on his head. She rests her breath, taking in Her breath. He is literally pinned under Her, with his tongue stuck deep within but no way of breathing. He begins to struggle, but she just warns him not too much. As he gasps for air, she finally rolls back. He whimpers about how difficult it was. She orders him to: “SHUT THE FUCKING UP!” TONGUE OUT, BITCH! He does, and when She lifts Her ass and places it back on his tongue, the head vanishes. This is repeated until he becomes a gasping and wheezing mess. He then loses more of his breath when she flogs him. He finally stops moving after she settles down on him.


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