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Posted: September 10, 2022

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Empress Lychee has just completed Her workout and wants to chill out a while, catch up on Her social media and relax. Of course, She wants to use Her slave for this task, as being a piece of furniture is just one of the unending requirements that Empress has for Her slaves. The slave’s face and body are always warm and soft, and if they aren’t, She will beat the slave until they are. And She never knows what Her next impulse to use the slave for might be. Not that it matters; She owns the slave and decides what its needs and wants are.
Empress Lychee walks into the living room, wearing a pair of skin-tight light-green yoga pants and a tight black sports-bra, with Her pet slave on a leash, ordering the slave:
The slave immediately sits on the floor and puts its head back, offering its face as a seat to the Superior Female. Empress unceremoniously plops Her yoga pants-covered ass onto his face, erasing it and sealing both of his airways easily. She is perched with all of Her weight centered on the slave’s face. She calmly gets on Her phone and puts Her feet up onto the slave’s body. She orders it:
The slave puts its paws out to serve as twin footstools to the Empress’s tiny, delicate feet. Empress continues on Her phone, ignoring the slave’s mounting need to breathe, it starts trembling and making muffled sounds. She flogs the slave a few times and it shuts up, but soon after starts to buck and twist. She gets irritated and stands up:
“Get the fuck on the floor, bitch. On your back”
The slave gasps for breath but starts to catch its breathe while laying down. But She immediately sits down on top of the slave’s face, Her yoga pants-covered pussy mashing its face and sealing its airways again. She gets back on Her phone and starts clicking away. This time when it starts struggling, She gets up, the slave gasping and coughing. But She’s really mad now and starts wailing on the slave with the flogger:
“Would you shut the fuck up and quit wiggling around you stupid fucking mutt? I can’t relax for more than a couple of seconds before you’re whining for attention! Would you fucking act like the slave you are and just BE A CHAIR? Now SHUT THE FUCK UP”
She turns around sits back down, fast and hard onto the slave’s face, this time with Her sweet little ass. She keeps trying to get longer times but the slave just can’t seem to get past about 30 seconds. So She has the slave get in the recliner position and puts Her feet over its face:
“You failed miserably as a chair, but MAYBE you have enough brain to clean a fucking sweaty foot? You better, bitch. Now OPEN UP”
The slave opens its mouth and She slides Her sweet little foot into its mouth, getting all of Her toes past the slave’s lips and down into its throat. The slave starts choking and retching on the foot, but She pulls the leash on it’s collar hard and it can’t get away from the invading foot. It tries to whip its head around, but its no use. Finally, the slave literally vomits the foot up and She just laughs and starts tattooing the slave with the flogger again while the slave screams and writhes in agony, trying in vain to avoid the sting of the flogger.
She pulls Her foot out like a cork and puts that foot behind his head, and invades his mouth with the other, fresh foot:
It does, but this time, once She gets those toes in She takes the other foot and puts it in too, causing the slave to scream in agony as She pries apart its mouth.


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