Female Supremacy – Mistress Ezada Sinn – Positions testing: new slave vs. trained slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn  Positions testing new slave vs trained slave  preview

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It is an absolute pleasure for Me to train male slaves so they can properly execute My submissive male positions. For Me, I use these positions in all aspects of slave training and even more importantly, slave ownership. It is therefore essential that every slave of Mine learns and understands them well. Failure to do so proves that the slave has no real intention of serving Me in the way I desire. I have produced many videos and writings detailing what a new slave should learn before meeting Me for the first time.
I often test a new slave in the presence of a highly trained personal slave. I find it helpful for new male meat to learn by following the example of the more experienced servant. In this clip it’s easy to tell which one is the alpha slave, plus I do get a bit of thrill witnessing the fear in the inexperienced male who’s just terrified that he will not manage to please Me. The visible results speak for themselves; all males can be trained to obey and follow My orders. That’s exactly as it should be for a Goddess such as I.
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