Fetish – Goddess Draya starring in video ‘Prove Your Worth’ of ‘American Mean Girls’ studio

  Goddess Draya starring in video Prove Your Worth of American Mean Girls studio preview

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This young beta is so fucking addicted to Me that it’s always trying to do anything it can to be around Me. So the last time it came by the Manor, I decided to put it to the task, and make it show Me how much it truly did “worship and adore” Me.
After having it crawl over, I made it start where all losers belong AT MY FEET! And the pathetic thing got to doing as it was told. That’s right bitch, lick the bottoms of My heels clean, show Me that you know how to suck every little bit of dirt and nasty off the spike heel. Keep licking, I want them fucking spotless bitch…
After the shoes, next were My sweaty feet that had been wrapped inside them all day. And this addict couldn’t have been more thrilled. I could hardly help but laugh at how pathetic this bitch was to have My sweaty feet rubbed all over its face, and then shoved down the back of its throat as I stood over it and pushed My toes into its neck to laugh as I watched it choke on My tiny size 5s.
And that’s exactly what it means to be a Mean Girl’s slave bitch.
After I was done trashing the thing with My feet and heels, I had one last little surprise in store for this bitch that I was sure would take its breath away… Bwahahahaa… get the video now to check it out loser.