Financial Domination – American Mean Girls – Kicked For A Fan – Princess Cindi

American Mean Girls  Kicked For A Fan   Princess Cindi preview

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I find this so hilarious. I actually got another request from one of you Mean Girl fans to simply kick one of the slaves here at Mean Girl Manor in the balls as hard as I can over and over. Like, I got paid $250 for this. And the funny thing to me is that I get to keep the $250. And this idiot has to stand there and just LET me kick him as much as I want- and he gets NOTHING. LOL. How pathetic is that?? But I don’t care cuz its definitely good for ME! ��
Anyways, I kick him a bunch of times and in different positions while I talk into the camera to the loser at home that paid me to do this to one of our slaves. And I guess I’ve been told I kick pretty hard. I just think it’s funny that these idiots at Mean Girl Manor have to let us do this to them so WE can make money. LOL.
So any other requests out there? I’ll the outta these losers as long as I keep getting all the $$$ and they get all the ! Haha.
(Oh and btw go HERE to download the clip that has my wishlist info in it, bitches! I want MORE $LAVES!!!)