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Posted: September 21, 2022

 Goddess Jamie Valentine  Your First Therapy Session  preview

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It’s been years you’ve been concerned about your unconventional desires. You’re not quite sure why you love feet so much but you feel like your addiction is growing out of control. Day by day you become more and more ashamed by your weakness. You finally decided to go see a therapist to help shake this insatiable thirst for soles. At first everything seems normal. Your new therapist comes highly recommended so you feel as though there’s nothing to worry about. She keeps reassuring you that this isn’t something to be ashamed of and this puts you at ease, she even tells you she has a special technique to get rid of your kink, if that’s what you really want. You couldn’t be happier to hear this. You’re ready to finally be normal. Thats when everything takes an interesting turn. She removes her shoes and starts to tease you with her bare feet, you cant help but be confused. You start to lose control immediately. You feel your cock growing as you turn bright red. She then reveals that the technique she is actually exposing you to is meant to intensify your addiction. You will finally truly understand being powerless. This wasn’t the type of therapy you were looking for when you came in but now you feel the strongest urge to please me. I start to instruct you to stroke and you helplessly oblige my request. Second by second you find yourself further entranced by my voice, following instructions blindly without second thought. You quickly realize that your addiction will never loosen its grip on you and now your therapist has you completely under her spell.


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