Flogging – Mandy Flores – Slave X Return to Suffering- CBT

Mandy Flores  Slave X Return to Suffering CBT  preview

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Mistress Mandy carts slave x to the dungeon stuffed in the cargo area of Her SUV,pulls him out by his leash, and leads him into Her perfect Mind Fuck paradise! She sensually and seductively caresseshis cock and balls, causing his man meat to swell into a mind numbing erection….. and then follows it with blow after stinging blow of Her flogger!More stroking and soft seductive speaking… followed by punch after punch to his defensless balls! …….From 100 clothes pins painfully biting every possible piece of testicle skin…..topainful knees to the groin……to beautiful, fishnet nylon coveredfeet, kicking him into complete agony……to Her staggeringly unhinged use of Her flogger……. all interlaced with the beauty and sultry seductiveness that makes him yearn for more!this video takes you through the experience of all of it with slave x, letting you imagine being with Her, touched by Her, destroyed and humiliated into a blissful existence that is just for Her entertainment..
INCLUDES: Kicking, Punching, Powerful Women, Ball Abuse, Torture, Bondage, Findom, Heels, Fishnet pantyhose, CockStroking, Teasing,Humiliation, Pain Slut, Dungeon, Restraints, Flogging, and one hard ass bitch!