Foot domination – Lady Annabella – Squeeze Your Soul – Lick The Streedirt From My Flat Sandals! – Sandals Worship And Domination

Lady Annabella  Squeeze Your Soul  Lick The Streedirt From My Flat Sandals  Sandals Worship And Domination preview

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New Lady, the glamourous sexbomb Annabella! Beautiful Annabella is the sweetest and kindest young Lady, she is delightful and already successful in business and marketing. Everybody loves her and so many are in love with her, her beauty, her hot curvy body, her intelligence, some of them think that she could be the perfect wife! But juicy beauty Annabella has a dark side, sadistic and cruel, one side that she loves even more from her bright one! She loves to dominate her slaves, to abuse them and humiliate them, without any mercy! Annabella is back home and she calls her slave to lick her sexy flat sandals clean. She was walking for hours and she wants her shoes shinning and, of course, to have some fun with her slave. He complains that they are too dirty, but soon he licks the streetdirt from the bottoms, with his Mistress humiliating him. Breathtaking Annabella takes control and she wipes the soles of her shoes on his face while he keeps licking and she kicks his face to do better. After some minutes of intence licking and domination, her sandals are clean and Annabella feels already better that she is back home!