Foot Fetish – Brat Princess 2 – Humiliate a Foot Freak (Complete Movie) – Chichi and Anabelle

Brat Princess 2  Humiliate a Foot Freak Complete Movie   Chichi and Anabelle preview

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Anabelle and Chichi have a foot freak in their possession. They know that they have the power to get him to do anything. Anabelle tests the freak by telling it to lick the bottoms of her shoes. It does. Immediately the freak licks the soles. Chichi examines the bottoms of Anabelles shoes. She tells the foot freak what needs to be licked clean. Chichi spits on the bottom of Anabelles shoe. She tells the freak that his mouth is nasty and full of rot. Shes disgusted with him. Anabelle fucks the sluts dirty mouth with her stiletto heel. Chichi takes a turn and uses the freaks mouth to scrape her soles. He gags on her heel. He is such a dirty shoe slut. Its not over yet, Chichi tells the slut.
Chichi positions the foot freak for use as a chair. He licks the soles of her shoes while taking her full weight. Anabelle spits into the sluts mouth. She directs him where to lick. Chichis shoes are still filthy. Anabelle spits in its mouth to wash the dirt down. The freak gargles the spit before being allowed to swallow. Chichi removes her shoes. Her soles are sweaty. She thrusts her sweaty feet into the sluts mouth. Anabelle observes with disgust. Chichi tells the slave to eat her sock lint. He gobbles in-between her toes. Anabelle removes her shoes. She holds the slaves head down while Chichi fucks his face with her foot. They gang up all four feet on his face. Chichi fishhooks the slaves mouth open using her big toes. Anabelle fucks the unresisting hole Chichis created. She spits her Princess spit into the dirty, dirty mouth to clean it up. The slave shamefully gargles the dirt and swallows.