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Posted: August 12, 2022

 Savage Soles  Peach Debuts 4K HD Knockout  preview

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Turning 19, the beautiful, unique gymnast Peach turns on the mean in her Savage Soles debut as she opens the throat of Billie with her big, perfectly shaped feet making him cry, puke and snore under her feet from a double-heel choke in one of the more cruel and addicting debuts anywhere. The girl with the Hollywood jawline sits in a chair and rams her foot down Billie’s throat — he gagging on his knees before her; on his back under her she gags him and looks down in disdain and apathy while checking her phone. She makes him get on his knees and suck her foot straight on as she looks into his eyes and smiles a both adorable and wicked smile. Her calves flex hard as she mouth-fucks him over and over, relaxing with her hand behind her back. She orders him on his hands and knees and he takes her foot, sole up in his mouth. He gags and sputters. The cruel girl fills his mouth with her foot with Billie at her feet, her beautiful red hair over her shoulders. Plunging foot gags as she checks her phone and looks down at him. He gags and spills; she laughs. A standing double-heel choke and he’s asleep beneath her — her big calves flexing as she gives him life lifting her arches from around his neck. She just looks down at him, pushes his face at the camera and immediately face fucks him like a jack hammer from above — one of the most ruthless actions seen here; and it makes her meaner, forcing him behind her to choke on her whole foot wedged in his mouth. On his knees he gets reverse face fucked by the 19-year-old’s feet; he gags and sputters as she looks back at him, indifferent. Dry heaves — fluids spilling from the poor guy beneath her; she makes him face her and laughs as he gags from straight-on face fucking, her calves flexing accidently, gagging him hard, fast and deep. Billie is wearing down and hurt, humiliated and Peach is mean and smiling in an eye-popping knockout debut. Duration: 16:49


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