Foot in mouth – Stella Liberty, TerraMizu – Freaky foot fan: Origin Story

Stella Liberty TerraMizu  Freaky foot fan Origin Story preview

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STELLA LIBERTY has always had fun being the bully to one NERDY GIRL in particular. She wanted to call the girl over to “apologize” for all the years of teasing and torment. The girl falls into STELLA’S trap, as STELLA casually SMOKES her MAGIC Smoking PEN right into the girls face. The girl’s actions go from nervous and timid, to motionless. Her facial expressions are static as STELLA puts her into more of a MESMERIZED state. She tells the girl to look at her shiny black HIGH HEELS to comfort her.
STELLA wants to know how well her spell has worked; she sits on her chair, props her FEET up on the ottoman, instructing the girl to look and admire her HIGH HEELS and FEET. STELLA wants the NERDY GIRL to SNIFF her FEET, WORSHIP the fragrance of her stinky little TOES. She instructs the girl to take off her HIGH HEEL and SMELL the stench that remains. STELLA then commands the NERD to KISS, LICK and SUCK on the HIGH HEELS. The girl slowly develops an obsession to the HIGH HEELS as STELLA continues to put her in a TRANCE.
STELLA tells the NERDY GIRL that she is hungry for FEET now. the NERD’S mouth is salivating as STELLA removes her other HIGH HEEL. STELLA has the girl fixate on her WIGGLING TOES and WRINKLED SOLES. She tells the girl the only desire she will have from this point on is to WORSHIP FEET! The girl LICKS and SUCKS on STELLA’S SOLES. There is nothing more in this world that this nerd wants now but to WORSHIP all women’s FEET!
STELLA continues to SMOKE her Smoking PEN to secure the FOOT FETISH in the poor girls state of mind. She sends the FREAKY FOOT FAN away to WORSHIP other women’s FEET, regardless if they want it or not!