Foot kiss – Xanas Foot Fantasies – Kaelyn, Miss Xana – Xana and Kaelyn’s Tied Tickle Torture

Xanas Foot Fantasies  Kaelyn Miss Xana  Xana and Kaelyns Tied Tickle Torture preview

1.06 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:40:09

This film came out so great! Pairing Kaelyn with Xana, always seems to be a good match! Kaelyn loves being submissive and makes for such great fun as Xana has her way with her perfect body! Xana starts by taking advantage of Kaelyn all tied up, helpless and totally vulnerable to her super long nails. Xana loves finding all Kaelyn’s sexy, sensitive parts, so she starts by tickling Kaelyn’s neck, chest, sides, pits and thighs. She works her way down Kaelyn’s slender, long legs till she reaches her pretty, size 9’s. She removes Kaelyn’s ankle boots and tickles over her socks to ease her into some tickle action. The teasing continues as Xana removes her own ankle boots and dangles her socked feet in Kaelyn’s face, knowing how bad Kaelyn loves to worship Xana’s sexy, mature feet. Soon both girl’s socks come off and Kaelyn has to endure Xana’s full- out tickle torture in order to receive her prize at the end.