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Posted: January 11, 2023

Bratty Foot Girls 2022 Sniffing the Bosses Feet   Raven preview

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Raven is your boss and you requested a meeting with her. You found out that she did some crazy things on the company trip, like hooked up with one of her other employees. She gets really angry about this confrontation and completely flips the tables by realizing you have no evidence of this, but she happens to have evidence/screenshots of you sending her messages wishing it were you hooking up with her instead.
She says there is no way that would ever happen. She says he is going to HR to get rid of you. “You know how much power I have here.” You say “ok, you heard me joking around about how much I hate feet that one night and you kept laughing. what if we put all this behind us and whenever you get stressed about work or annoyed with me, you text me to come to your place to smell your feet?”
She says “ok, deal….but look at me. you will not touch or kiss or anything like that, you will just smell.” You have a look of shock as she gets up and leaves.
Video crosses over. you knock on the door….she lets you in (she is casually in flip flops after a long day). “don’t speak” she says….”follow me.” “kneel in front, nose up and mouth closed.” She places her toes right over your nose. “smell my feet.” “smell.” “come on, smell.” “breathe deep, I want to hear it.” “just smell.” “Oh, you thought we were done? She shows putting on tennis shoes with no socks. “look, no socks.” “I’ll be back.”
She returns from the gym and you are in the same spot. “Now turn over and lay on your back with your nose up. This time, I am placing a piece of tape over your mouth just so I know all you can do is smell.” she places each shoe over your nose and demands to “inhale.” “now inhale again” “let me hear it, I’ll breathe with you.” “SMELL.” to close, “now, I am going to place your nose in between my toes. look up at me as you breathe.” “smell.” “smell.” other foot (repeat). “now, both feet on your face at the same time and 5 deep breaths in.” “smell.” “come on, another deep smell.” “INHALE” “you are now my bitch, SMELL MY FEET.” “Now, get out of here, I will see you at work tomorrow.”
Starring: Raven Rogue, Jason Ninja


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