Foot Smother – Czech Soles – Dita’s quiet reading and her tempting smelly socks

 Czech Soles  Ditas quiet reading and her tempting smelly socks  preview

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Dita has a lazy afternoon, just laying on the bed and reading her favorite book. Charlie on the other hand wants some action, preferably with Dita’s feet. He lies down on the bed next to Dita, head to toes, and he tries to smell Dita’s feet which he loves so much. Dita has a suspicion Charlie is kinda in her feet and she plays the game with him. Dita does like nothing is happening, moving her feet with smelly socks on closer and closer to Charlie’s face asking him if he does not mind and of course he does not mind a bit. Dita’s feet are now completely covering Charlie’s face and he’s smelling them and enjoying every second of it. It’s time to take it further now. Are you ready? I know Charlie and Dita are…
Video from nice angel, close to Dita’s sexy feet and socks, partially POV at times.